Costco in Taiwan

Another milestone for us.  When we made our Costco run today we found that our Seattle membership had expired. No problem.  Now we are Taiwan Costco members.  (note: our names are very confusing to people here – where’s the family name?)


When we first moved here we were going to send home photos of Taiwan Costco.  But it looks just the same as US Costco.


We are almost guaranteed to meet other westerners in Costco because it carries products from home that no one else has (unless they are a store that buys from Costco and resells).  If you want to, it is possible to buy your food from Costco and your furniture from Ikea and feel like you have never left the US.  We’re trying to avoid that but there are certainly days that a few familiar brands are a comforting thing to have.

Pass the tortilla chips.