Waiting for the Typhoon

Typhoon Matmo is headed straight for us.  While that sounds dire, Taichung is actually pretty well protected. Most typhoons sweep in from the Pacific Ocean and hit the east coast and mountains in the center of Taiwan before eventually dumping rain on Taichung.  Even so, we are looking forward to the Taichung equivalent of a snow day.  The big billboards around town are furled in readiness for the storm.


It gives quite a different look to the place.


Director’s Lunch

The final exam for my middle school class was to prepare and serve lunch for all of the middle school teachers.


The kids did a great job making opening day soup, pizza, fruit salad, and a luscious lemon cake.  They all earned an A for the final.


Beautiful Music

A few weeks ago the parent association at school treated the teachers to a traditional tea ceremony and accompanying traditional Chinese music.  It was beautiful and relaxing.




Simo was so taken with the music that he hired the musician for his 60th birthday party.  We gathered at the traditional farmhouse restaurant near our apartment.  I’m told the name of the restaurant is actually something that translates roughly to “good old neighbor.”  That’s an appropriate name. This restaurant feels like a comforting friend.  We sat outside on a beautiful evening and listened to lovely music.  A fitting birthday for Simo.


Happy Easter!

Taiwan is not a Christian country, less than 5% of the population identifies as Christian, so we made our own celebration.  Vickey invited us to a special Easter dinner at a very nice restaurant/art museum.

The food was elegantly served.

Easter 005

The wait staff was very friendly and helpful, and spoke English.

Easter 012

And we were all delighted with our specially decorated dessert plates.

Easter 013

Happy Easter!

Easter 010


Rapid Road Repair

The Taiwanese are very efficient in their road repair.  Every time we’ve gone over the mountains they have crews working on the roads.  Today the target was the road in front of our apartment building.  In the space of one work day they scraped and resurfaced the street.

Here they are just getting started.


And this is when I was glad I had already brought in the clean laundry.





Finishing touches.


Children’s Day

Friday was Children’s Day in Taiwan and we had the day off school.  We went for a walk in one of our favorite parks.  The park was full of families.


This particular park has a stream that extends through the neighborhood.


Nearby was a popup puppet theater.  These theaters are mounted on the back of a little blue truck and are usually parked at temples.  I think they do the equivalent of bible stories but we really couldn’t follow the plot.


The music and dialogue is recorded and there are people in the back to work the puppets.