Children’s Day

Friday was Children’s Day in Taiwan and we had the day off school.  We went for a walk in one of our favorite parks.  The park was full of families.


This particular park has a stream that extends through the neighborhood.


Nearby was a popup puppet theater.  These theaters are mounted on the back of a little blue truck and are usually parked at temples.  I think they do the equivalent of bible stories but we really couldn’t follow the plot.


The music and dialogue is recorded and there are people in the back to work the puppets.




Looking Over Taichung

When Mom and Casey were visiting we took them up to the temple above the school.  It was a relatively clear day (better than the last time we were there) so we were able to get some pictures that better show how large a city Taichung is and how it laps into the mountains.


And a few shots of the statutes at the temple.