Sounds from Home – online radio

We brought plenty of movies with us from home, but we didn’t bring our music.  The “program your own radio station” websites we used at home (usually Pandora) do not work here due to copyright issues.  But there are several excellent online radio stations that we listen to all the time.  Even though we sampled stations from all over the world, the best stations we found are from our hometown, Seattle.

When we moved here we searched for a good classical music station online.  We tried ones from Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.  Now we know.  The best steaming classical radio station in the world is our hometown station, KING.  KING plays complete music selections (not just frustrating snippets) and their announcers are both unobtrusive and informative.  The music is always excellent and often unfamiliar.  They don’t just play the standards (over and over and over again).  And as a bonus they play music from local groups (Seattle has many excellent classical music groups).  Sometimes I am delighted to unexpectedly hear my friends in Choral Arts.

Today I was sitting in my corner of Dan’s office at school when I heard another familiar radio program.  It was after 6pm Sunday in Seattle and time for John Kessler’s All Blues program at KPLU.  Ah, the sounds of home.  John does such a good job of finding and explaining great blues music. I love this program.

Casey and Laine have both been surprised to find how many people they know in other parts of the world who are also big fans of KEXP, yet another fantastic, innovative streaming radio station from Seattle.  Most of these fans have never been to Seattle, they just recognize a great radio station when they find it.

There is wonderful music of all genres coming out of Seattle. And we get to hear it in Taiwan.