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Green tea with red bean shaved ice.  Give it a try!



Exploring Taichung

We’ve spent the past few days trying to get lost in Taichung.  Pick a random street, go along a ways, and there we are smack up against a street we know.  Turn the next corner and there’s another one.  We’re slowly expanding our mental model of the city.

I’ve been able to introduce Dan to a few of my favorite places here.  We found ourselves on Gongyi Street the other day and decided to visit the traditional Japanese teahouse.  You may remember the aggressive carp.



We were seated upstairs across from a couple enjoying books and tea.  Lovely.


Another day found us in Taichung Folklore Park.  We’ve tried to find this in the past but it was closed or just eluded us.  This time we forgot about it until we turned the corner and there it was.

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It has a brand new parking garage but other spaces seem to still be in process.


Today we found ourselves at Taichung Metropolitan Park.  This park always seemed a little overbuilt to us.  It’s far away from the center of town and always seemed deserted.  But today was a beautiful day and we finally saw the park as it was meant to be used.