Temple Machine

The faculty and staff went on a field trip to Sun Link Sea (more on that in another post but the short story is… forest that felt like home).  We ran across a coin-operated machine that Dan and I had seen once before.  The faculty started asking about the “temple machine” (really more of a fortune-telling machine).  Push in a coin and the figure turns, enters the temple, gets a scroll, and drops it in the slot.  Here’s Dan getting an interpretation of his fortune that included some things Charlene was too embarrassed to translate for him.

Sun Link Sea faculty trip 018


Halloween at School

Halloween is not celebrated much in Taiwan, despite the best efforts of the local chain stores.  but Halloween is a big deal at our American school.

The students had some great costumes but I liked the teacher costumes the best.  I kept it simple myself.


My two favorite costumes were Abi’s Grim Grader… (a last minute improvisation)


And Tim’s long lost twin brother.  He set this up three weeks ago with a series of Facebook posts and then didn’t break character all day on Halloween.  It was remarkably uncomfortable chatting with Tim’s stuffy brother.  We were relieved to get Tim back.


In honor of the occasion 5th graders made dirt cups and the high school students made severed finger cookies.


Hope your Halloween went well!