Art and Cookies

Today was a big day.  Art, writing, and cooking converged to honor 5th grade achievements.  Rod had the kids creating portraits in art class. He thought they turned out so well that (inspired by his own life as a working artist) he wanted an art show of their work.  Of course the art show needed an opening party.  And of course the opening party needed refreshments.  And of course (my favorite part) we needed artists’ statements about their work.


Here are the artists attempting to avoid being photographed with their own work.


And here are the goodies that 5th grade cooking has been working on over the past two weeks.


Excellent work, 5th graders!


Supplying the Kitchen

Two classes and two clubs chew through large quantities of raw ingredients in a week.  One of the biggest challenges I’ve had in cooking class is keeping the kitchen stocked.  The high school seems to inhale bacon and the 5th grade just scarfed a large jar of peanut butter.  To complicate matters, my recipes are almost all American ones, using butter, milk, and cheese on a scale unusual here.  I’m trying very hard to keep my school shopping to once a week.

Imagine my delight at finding a restaurant supply store not too far from our apartment.   Giant jars of peanut butter!  Big slabs of chocolate!  Italian and French and Mexican ingredients!  Dill pickles!

bbq 020

It made me very happy.  We might need to go back tonight.