The Flower Sea – Taichung Flower Carpet Festival

The Flower Carpet Festival (translated on the website as Flower Sea) is a cross between the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and the Puyallup Fair (but without the carnival rides).  It’s not a long drive from our apartment, but it took a couple weekends to find since there are no signs that we could read, not even something with a logo that we could recognize.

(Note to tourist bureaus everywhere:  Plenty of directional signs, please, with the same logo that is on the website plus arrows.  Thank you.)

flower sea 023

We love agricultural fairs.  This one had agricultural displays, fair food (stinky tofu was very popular but we stuck to dumplings and candied sweet potatoes), and “stick your head in the flower” photo ops.

flower sea 030

It also had mud. Lots of mud.  The display areas weren’t too bad because they had garden cloth laid down, but the parking lot was a quagmire. Fortunately neither of us slipped and landed splat on our faces and we were able to get the car out at the end of the day.

Very satisfying day.  We’ll be back next year. Properly equiped with mud boots.

flower sea 060


3 thoughts on “The Flower Sea – Taichung Flower Carpet Festival

  1. Very cool! Yet another opportunity for you to help out with the tourist board! I’m curious; what is that little guy in front of the billboard sign supposed to be? He’s kind of a cross between a flower and a samurai warrior (wrong culture, I know). Were there animals (like US fairs) or just plants?

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