School Dances and Condo Sales

Tonight was the high school’s Winter Formal Ball.  We were chaperones.  I thought it was odd that the address on the tickets was an intersection rather than the name of a restaurant or hotel.  Once we found the building it was lovely, although oddly spare, with beautiful landscaping.

prom night

We had seen many of these buildings around town, particularly in the up and coming parts of the city where there were many new buildings going up.  Usually these buildings come complete with a nice sized parking lot and an enormous billboard.

They are sales buildings – flashy, quickly built, and bulldozed as soon as all the units in the new condo building are sold.  One near us was built in less than a month.

This building is due to be demolished tomorrow.

What a great place for a dinner dance for a small school!  No worries about spills on the carpet.  Just enough space for the dinner tables and dance floor. With a bonus of nice grounds to stroll and a splashing fountain and reflecting pool.

For the record, Taiwan teenager party dresses are very short and the heels are extremely high.  The music is the same.  So is the tight clump of teens in the center of the dance floor.  Some things don’t change.


One thought on “School Dances and Condo Sales

  1. …and I bet the dancing and conversation is just as awkward!

    The story behind the building is pretty creative. Kudos to the dance organizer for thinking about it as a venue! Speaking of the carpet, one of my ex’s friends was going to recarpet his house. The night before, he threw a “Destroy the Carpet” party, where everyone was free to spill red wine and drop orderves anywhere they wanted without feeling a shred of guilt. I’ve thought that was a great party idea; maybe you and your fellow teachers could throw such a party (what student doesn’t like a sanctioned food fight?).

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