All You Can Eat

We had our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday, but still wanted something a little special for dinner on Thursday.  We had seen giant restaurants (the size of a city block) with a cow logo as we were driving around . Thursday we saw one not too far from our apartment and decided that this was the day to try it.

Taichung Steakhouse

This place seats 200 or more (the photo shows only part of the restaurant).  It is a giant all you can eat restaurant.  They have steak on sizzling iron plates, Mongolian grill, sushi (not very good), noodle soup (very good), teppanyaki, fruit and salad, cake and ice cream.  We even found glazed sweet potatoes!  Dan met the younger brother of one of his students (a fourth grader) who graciously showed us around and told us how the place worked.

I think some of our best traveling meals have been at buffets – huge Amish buffet in Pennsylvania, theme restaurant in Mumbai with regional specialties and entertainment from all over.  There’s something about a buffet restaurant that leads people to help out newcomers and recommend their favorite dishes.  Plus you get to try a little (or a lot) of everything.

It was a lovely meal.


2 thoughts on “All You Can Eat

  1. ….and of course, the buffets in Vegas, where the special ingredient in the dishes is the minced poker chips that can no longer be used.

    Seriously, the next time you’re back in the Seattle area, I know of two huge Chinese buffets. One is near Ranch 99 in Lynnwood; the other is in Lacey. They’re both pretty good, although not much is available for vegetarians (since the special ingredient in Chinese buffets is typically pork). There are enough items without noodles (to make them gluten free) that Betsy should be fine.

    Actually, a posting about how you deal with gluten (noodles, dumplings, etc.) would be interesting!

    It sounds like you’re having a great Thanksgiving!

    • The dumplings are so good I’m not worrying about the gluten. Plus there are lots of options with rice or rice noodles. Mostly I’m more relaxed here so it doesn’t seem to bother me as much. Oddly, one food I really miss is Chinese food the way it tastes in the U.S. The buffet here was nothing like the ones I’ve had at home. Must be more adjusted for American tastes than I expected.

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