Prepping for Thanksgiving

We’re having an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with teachers and staff from school as well as a few special guests (outside friends and visiting family).  So far we have 30 people planning to attend. Fortunately Carol and Simo have a big, mostly unfurnished house and we are all pitching in with extra tables, stools, dishes, and toaster ovens.  Instead of a turkey we are getting roast chickens and ducks from local restaurants.  The list of potluck side dishes is growing.  Lots of family specialities are in the works.  It should be an interesting meal.  My cranberry sauce is already made.


Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving next week.



2 thoughts on “Prepping for Thanksgiving

    • How would you be able to tell that you have pomegranate seeds in your cranberry sauce? Ridiculous! Mine is extra tasty this year because I had to use fresh ginger, orange peel, and lime peel (instead of the lemon peel). Yum! (loved the Alton Brown spatchcock interview)

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